A Project Guide to UX Design comes with a bonus, online-only chapter:

User Experience Design & Search Engine Optimization

In addition, we are providing a chapter-by-chapter listing of sample files that were used in the book.

Chapter 3 – Proposals for Consultants and Freelancers
Proposal Template (.doc)
(Courtesy of Phillip W. Hunter)

Chapter 7 – Personas
Basic Persona (from the Chapter) (.doc) (.docx)
Todd Zaki Warfel‘s Persona Model 1 (.pdf)
Todd Zaki Warfel‘s Persona Model 2 (.pdf)
Russ Unger‘s Persona Model (.eps)

Chapter 8 – Content Strategy
Quantitative Audit (.xlsx) (.numbers)
Qualitative Audit (.xls)

Chapter 13 – Prototyping
Jonathan “Yoni” Knoll‘s Support Site, with Live Examples and Code – http://projectuxd.sketchingincode.com/

Chapter 16 – A Brief Guide to Meetings
Meeting Agenda (.doc) (.docx)
Meeting Agenda with Rules (.doc) (.docx)
Meeting Notes (.doc) (.docx)